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Stirling Estate Equestrian Centre
Andrew & Eleatha Beare

10 Edwards Rd . Stirling Estate

Capel . Western Australia . 6271

P O  Box 460 . Capel . Western Australia . 6271

0414 756 129

fax: (08) 9727 1190


web: www.seequestrian.com.au


hoofcare: hoofcare@seequestrian.com.au

Sorry but we are not currently taking on
any more hoofcare clients.


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Welcome to SEEC

Stirling Estate Equestrian Centre is a centre for Excellence in Horse and Rider education, Equine Bodywork Therapies, Hoof Care and Rehabilitation.


Our riding school caters for riders of all ages and levels, specialising in beginners. Come and ride one of our beautiful horses or ponies and experience riding from the heart. Our equines are extremely well cared for and in top condition - we don't just say our ponies are sound, we know they are. Their hooves are perfectly trimmed on a regular basis and they have their bodies fine tuned with JENT just as regularly.


Although our riding lessons are based on classical dresssage techniques, the focus of the lesson is on enjoyment, reading and communicating with the horse. The lightness you will learn to ride with reflects through to the horse who will reward you with an enjoyable ride and the chance to learn new riding skills.  Come and enjoy lessons in flatwork (dressage), games, agility, work on the lunge (leadline) and jumping as well as cross country for those who are more skilled.


We specialise in JENT (Jenkins Equine Neurophysiologic Therapy) which encompasses Myofacial Release, Massage and Red light therapy.  Our hoofcare service focuses on trimming hooves into correct, natural, balanced form, specialising in transitioning horses out of shoes and into Barefoot performance and rehabilitating all hoof pathologies including laminitis, founder and navicular  syndrome. 


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